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16 Oct 2019

CPI hiked 5.9% in September, the highest of the year. Inflation reached 37.8% YTD and 53.9% YoY.

10 Oct 2019
Grupo Financiero Valores

Grupo Financiero Valores disclosed a stock repurchase program for a total amount of AR$ 100 million, paying up to AR$ 6.95 per share for 6 months.

10 Oct 2019

Telecom will issue USD denominated 2025 bonds for a total amount of USD 373 million, with a 9% coupon. As an exchange premium, the company will pay USD 20 per VN 100. In addition, Telecom will pay cash dividends of AR$ 8,07 per share as of October 18th.

03 Oct 2019

Industry fell 6.4% YoY in August, and 8.1% YTD. Construction fell 5.9% in August, and 8% YTD.