04 Dec 2019

Pan American Energy

Pan American will issue AR$ 2 billion of 6 months pesos denominated floating bonds. Offers can be placed from 10AM to 4PM of Thursday, December 5th, 2019.

03 Dec 2019

Steel and aluminum tariffs

The President of the United States announced that he will restore tariffs on steel (25%) and aluminum (10%) imports from Argentina and Brazil due to the strong devaluation suffered by their currencies.

29 Nov 2019

Corporate news

Celulosa Argentina issued USD 58.5 million of 2025 dollar denominated bonds, with a 10% coupon, rolling over USD 54 million of a dollar denominated bond maturing in 2 weeks.

20 Nov 2019


TGS disclosed a share repurchase program for a total amount of AR$ 4 billion. The company will pay a maximum of AR$ 130 per share.

14 Nov 2019

Economic news

CPI hiked 3.3% in October (50.5% YoY), reaching 42.2% YTD.

14 Nov 2019

Grupo Financiero Valores (VALO) 3Q19

Beats Q3 expectations but macro backdrop shades future performance

08 Nov 2019


MSCI eliminated BBVA, Pampa and TGS from Argentina Index. The most affected was TGS, having the worst performance of the day.

07 Nov 2019

Economic news

Economic news: The Central Bank issued AR$ 143 billion in Leliqs, at an average rate of 64%. Maturities reached AR$ 143 billion. The IMF spokesman, Gerry Rice, said that they are ready to engage with president-elect Alberto Fernandez and his team to help address Argentina’s economic challenges.

07 Nov 2019

Corporate news

Corporate news: TGN disclosed quarterly results with a profit of AR$ 2.7 billion, 214% higher YoY. BYMA disclosed quarterly results with a profit of AR$ 1.5 billion, similar to 2018Q3’s profit.

01 Nov 2019


Cresud will distribute 13 million own shares as of November 13.