16 Oct 2019


CPI hiked 5.9% in September, the highest of the year. Inflation reached 37.8% YTD and 53.9% YoY.

10 Oct 2019

Grupo Financiero Valores

Grupo Financiero Valores disclosed a stock repurchase program for a total amount of AR$ 100 million, paying up to AR$ 6.95 per share for 6 months.

10 Oct 2019


Telecom will issue USD denominated 2025 bonds for a total amount of USD 373 million, with a 9% coupon. As an exchange premium, the company will pay USD 20 per VN 100. In addition, Telecom will pay cash dividends of AR$ 8,07 per share as of October 18th.

03 Oct 2019


Industry fell 6.4% YoY in August, and 8.1% YTD. Construction fell 5.9% in August, and 8% YTD.

02 Oct 2019


BYMA will extend its shares repurchase program for 30 days, paying up to AR$ 200 per share.

26 Sep 2019

CMA and Tellimer Group Agreement

Capital Markets Argentina, the leading LatAm financial insight provider to the Tellimer platform. Tellimer Group (“Tellimer”), the world’s only fully integrated investment platform focusing on developing markets, today announces the expansion of its insight provider network to include Capital Markets Argentina (CMA), a leading financial services group in Argentina and Uruguay. This expansion marks a key milestone in Tellimer’s efforts to provide its subscribers with detailed equity, fixed income and macroeconomic research insights on the Argentinian market from local experts, in addition to its widely respected fixed income and sovereign in-house coverage. Through ground-breaking proprietary technology and distribution channels, Tellimer will distribute research by Capital Markets Argentina to an audience of 13,000 global emerging and developing markets investment professionals worldwide. Duncan Wales, CEO of Tellimer Group, commented: “This partnership with CMA marks our first major partnership in the Latin American market and will enable us to provide our customers with world-class, on the ground research on some of the most promising companies in Argentina. CMA’s unique insight into Argentina will be invaluable to our global client base, and the synergy of both companies is uniquely placed to help identify investment opportunities in some of the key and fastest-changing markets in Latin America”. Pablo Cairoli, President of CMA, said: “CMA has been honoured by Tellimer in choosing us as its first partner in the Latin American market.  We are very excited in teaming with a Global partner and contributing to its state-of-the-art platform, with over 20 years’ experience in domestic equity and fixed income”. “Tellimer strives to deliver unparalleled market insight and advisory services, enhanced by our world-leading proprietary technology, and this cooperation reaffirms our commitment to meet demand from clients by offering them access to an ever-growing portfolio of local experts within the most dynamic developing markets,” added Duncan Wales. With an award-winning global team of analysts covering 80+ countries, Tellimer research insight includes sovereign and corporate credit, equities, fixed-income and macroeconomics.

24 Sep 2019

Argentina Economy

Argentina: GDP rose 0.6% yoy in the second quarter but is expected to fall 3% this year

18 Sep 2019


The Central Bank issued AR$ 239 billion in Leliqs, at an average rate of 83.20%. Maturities reached AR$ 223 billion.

17 Sep 2019


The Central Bank issued AR$ 195 billion in Leliqs, at an average rate of 83.46%. Maturities reached AR$ 232 billion.

17 Sep 2019

Wholesale inflation reached 11.2% in August

Wholesale inflation reached 11.2% in August, 62.9% YoY.